About GTurbo

At GTurbo ™ , we specialise in Diesel engine optimization and our philosophy is to provide you with a turbocharger that is a specifically engineered performance solution tailored for YOUR unique needs. Let us work with you to take your engine to the next level whilst delivering exceptional performance

GTurbo ™ came about as a result of the lack lustre performance experienced in many of the well known and loved diesel powered 4wd’s we have here in Australia. It was theorised that owners should not have to put up with this; so the design and testing process began to increase performance and maintain or improve fuel economy. The result of this is listed below.

To provide our customers with a guaranteed to work solution, we first determine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) engine design parameters. We then calculate what turbocharger (and perhaps fuel and inter cooling) changes are required to meet the new goals and ultimately provide a re-engineered solution that allows engine operation at the new targeted state of tune.

Many aspects of engine performance that are important to drivers can be improved with a GTurbo™;

  • boost and torque early in rpm’s than standard;
  • boost to maintain through the full rpm range of the motor with no drop off at high rpms;
  • extra mid range torque for towing or performance;
  • extreme performance – we have an option to suit you.

We do all our own research and development, and will only install equipment we would, and do, use on our own vehicles. Whether you are looking for a performance upgrade of a Landcruiser 60, 80 or 100 series with a factory fitted Toyota CT26 or to a modern VNT turbo as found on the Toyota V8 Diesels, Toyota Hilux D4D or Nissan Patrol ZD30 engines, we have a solution for you! YES

If you want industry leading performance in your diesel, you have come to the right place. Click to see our range of Turbo’s.

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