ECU Re-Mapping

Post Plug and Play – ECU Re-Mapping Service


How our ECU Re-Mapping post service works

Our services include a post based re-mapping service. Send through your ECU to our Balcatta premise to optimize the performance of your vehicle. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to enhance performance, torque and fuel economy look no further then our postal remapping service.

Post Plug and Play Requirements

  1. Notify us of your vehicles: make, model, year and existing modifications. Outlining these changes is essential. We customize the ECU re-map according to the current state of your 4×4 (incorrect information can potentially lead to underperforming results or fault codes).
  2. Send through your ECU to our Balcatta address.  Unit 2. 18 Abrams Street Balcatta, Western Australia
  3. After receiving the ECU, over 2-3 days, our technicians will optimize the digital map of the unit and have it shipped out to your address.


ECU Re-Mapping Improvements



  • Stock benefits: 20%-30
  • Additional GTurbo™ + Modification Increase: 40%-100%


  • Stock Increase: 20%-30%
  • Additional GTurbo™ + Modification Increase: 40%-100%

Fuel Efficiency 

  • Stock Improvements: 10% Saving
  • Additional GTurbo™ + Modification Increase: 10% Saving

Turnover Time

We understand that without an ECU it can be hard to drive your car. GTurbo™ ‘Post Plug and Play Remap Service’ offers a 2-3 day workshop turnover time. Shipping options include both standard and express. Shipping times will vary according to your location.


How much will an ECU Re-Map cost?

The base rate for Post-Plug and Play Re-mapping is $770.

Contact us today to make an order or fill out our Ecu Re-Map Form.


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