GTurbo Code of Ethics and Warranty

  • To deal fairly, honestly, promptly and courteously with all customers.
  • To ensure that all products and services we provide are delivered in a competent manner, with value, honesty, fairness and integrity.
  • To ensure all standards of workmanship are provided to the customer as promised, in accordance with industry practice for the work concerned, and in a manner that shall enhance the reputation of the industry.
  • To honour all our statutory warranty and other obligations promptly and fairly.
  • To ensure that all advertising is accurate and truthful in every respect.
  • To recognise and affirm the right of the customer to courteous, promote and honest dealing.
  • To treat my fellow industry members with professionalism and respect and conduct my business in free and fair competition.

GTurbo warranties it’s products for a period of twelve months to be free from manufacturing and assembly defects.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional products that improve the performance of our customers vehicles.

We will assist our customers as best we can if a problem occurs, but cannot be held liable for problems with the turbocharger caused by matters out of our control or what we could reasonably foresee. As examples, this includes incorrect fuelling leading to excessive EGT, exhaust gas temperature, over-speeding the turbo due to hoses blowing off, lack of lubrication and physical damage. Nor can we held responsible for subsequent damage to other engine components caused by the failure of the turbocharger if it was neglected or abused.

Vehicle Manufacturers take a dim view of any modifications done to an engine and are highly likely to void vehicle manufacturers warranty, whether or not we, or you, feel a failure is fair, reasonable, or technically feasible for our products to have contributed to the failure.