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Founded on a passion for travelling and exploring the beautiful landscape of Australia, Graeme Bentink, Founder of GTurbo, faced many challenges in the outback, including an underpowered and unreliable 4WD that burnt through fuel. Realising there was so much potential to be gained from his factory LandCruisier, this sparked the beginning of what would be known as one of the greatest high performance diesel turbos ever to be made.

Applying his knowledge and technical expertise in process engineering and metallurgy, Graeme channelled his energy and passion to designing turbos and vehicle modifications for diesel engines, with one very clear mission:


To deliver unrivalled diesel performance and give people the power to experience the impossible.

Through innovation, determination and continuous improvement

Fast forward 14 years and GTurbo is now one of Australia’s leading manufacturers in high performance diesel turbos and diesel tuning. We are constantly innovating, designing and testing to deliver our customers unrivalled vehicle performance with every upgrade.


Through innovation, engineering expertise, and a drive to always make things better, we focus on the entire system to bring you greater power output with every upgrade.


Guaranteed performance by design

Providing an engineered performance solution unique to your specific vehicle and needs, we take great pride in being able to help our customers achieve a more powerful, fun and exciting drive that's reliable and efficient.


To improve aspects of engine performance that are important to you, we first discover your goals and what you’d like to achieve.


Next, we determine what are the limits of your vehicle’s original manufacturer engine design, to ensure the safest upgrade.


With a better understanding of what your vehicle is capable of, we calculate what turbocharger, fuel and intercooling changes are required to meet your goals.


We provide you with a re-engineered solution that allows for the safest and most optimal performance at the new targeted state of tune.

Why Choose GTurbo

With years of knowledge, technical expertise and experience, you can rely on GTurbo to deliver you the safest upgrade with the greatest output in performance.

  • Engineered Solution

    Engineered Solution

    With a team of engineers, you can rest assured that you’ll receive an upgrade that provides the best performance designed specifically for your vehicle.

  • Safety & Reliability

    Safety & Reliability

    We help eager adventurers face any off-road challenge by replicating extreme testing conditions, for a more powerful, fuel efficient & reliable drive that won’t compromise your vehicle.

  • Australian Made

    Australian Made

    For over 14 years, we have been manufacturing turbos in-house, under strict quality control and compliant with Australian Vehicle Standards, for a high quality finish.

  • Performance Guaranteed

    Performance Guaranteed

    With one of Australia’s largest dynos, we can uncover your vehicle’s hidden potential and guarantee a superior gain in power, torque and fuel economy, all backed by data.


There is still power to be gained

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