Take your offroading to the next level

Break your limits. Unlock more power, improve fuel economy, and go wherever you want with ease by installing an upgraded turbo from GTurbo.

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A sure-fire way to take your off-roading to the next level

Don’t have the torque you want, your engine burns through fuel, or your car barely pulls your caravan during overtakes or up hills? GTurbo is the answer.

A GTurbo is a highly effective way to resolve issues affecting vehicle performance. Often a stock turbo won’t cut it for many of the rugged driving conditions you will face on your Australian adventure.

A powerful, efficient, and reliable turbo is essential to ensure that your engine runs at its best, no matter your modifications or the driving conditions you’ll be facing.


Unlock your vehicle’s potential

GTurbo helps aspiring adventurers and 4×4 enthusiasts take the first step with a high-performance diesel turbocharger.

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Fuel Economy




Up to 200% increase in power

Depending on the vehicle's make and additional modifications, you can typically expect between 50-200 per-cent (that’s up to 3 times!) increase in power from a GTurbo. Increase your boost pressure, spool-up and high-end performance and take yourself wherever the road roams.

Fuel Economy

Up to 15% increase in fuel efficiency

With increased efficiency, your vehicle’s fuel consumption can improve as much as 15 per-cent, providing you with more economical performance, especially at high loads.


Up to 200% increase in torque

If you’re struggling to overtake, towing a heavy caravan, or slow to get up hills, a GTurbo can help increase torque by 50-200 per-cent from a stock turbo and improve your throttle response.


Improve vehicle reliability

To ensure you get the safest drive, the greatest gains possible and the best advice, our staff will endeavour to enquire about your vehicle's current condition and any known modifications from standard.

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    Great to deal with, very helpful, fair pricing for a top quality product and will use and recommend them any chance I get.

    - Mad Mick
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  • Their product is awesome

    Can't speak highly enough about this business. Their product is awesome, work impeccable, and support impressive. Anyone looking to improve vehicle performance must see these guys.

    - Kal P
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The highest level of power imaginable with a GTurbo

Learn what your vehicle is capable of and get the safest performance upgrade custom fit to your needs.

  • Performance Guaranteed

    Performance Guaranteed

    We can guarantee a superior gain in power, torque and fuel economy, all backed by data.

  • Safety & Reliability

    Safety & Reliability

    We replicate extreme testing conditions to ensure you get the most reliable performance upgrade without compromising your vehicle.

  • Max Power

    Maximum Power

    We don’t just build the best turbos, we offer blueprinted fuel injectors and re-engineered engine computer mapping to bring you the greatest power output with every upgrade.

  • Expertise & Knowledge

    Expertise & Knowledge

    Speak to an experienced team with over 15 years of innovation & engineering expertise, delivering unrivalled performance.

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Get the latest in 4x4 news, sales, pro tips and expert advice. Join our growing community of aspiring adventurers and 4x4 enthusiasts from all around the world.


Frequently asked questions

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What does a turbo do on a diesel?

A turbo increases an engine’s performance by squeezing extra air into the combustion chamber mostly using wasted exhaust heat for energy. With more air in the engine, the effective compression is higher and fuel burns more cleanly giving you a higher-performing engine.

Are diesel turbos different?

Diesel turbochargers are designed differently to petrol turbochargers because they operate with lower exhaust gas temperatures, at typically higher boost pressures and with a higher duty cycle (more boost more of the time).

How long do turbos last in diesels?

The lifespan of your turbo will vary depending on several factors such as: the quality of your turbo, your engine’s condition, your driving style and use, how well your engine is tuned and the quality and frequency of servicing.

However, with 5000km oil change intervals, good air filtration, and an engine that’s in sound mechanical condition, you can usually expect a turbo to last between 150,000 to 250,000 kilometres.

Does a GTurbo tuned diesel with extra performance waste more fuel?

The answer is no, it’s the opposite. When driving, your engine uses the fuel needed to accomplish the task. However, with the improved efficiency gained through GTurbo’s optimisation, your fuel consumption is often improved, particularly when towing.


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