Want to enhance your vehicle’s capabilities?

Don’t miss the adventure. Unlock more power, torque and improve fuel economy with a set of Blueprinted GTurbo High-Flow Injectors.

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A performance-enhancing solution to fine-tune your engine

Experiencing a loss or fluctuation in power, reduced economy, misfiring, or poor drivability? These are signs that your vehicle’s fuel system may require servicing or new injectors.

Blue Printing of fuel injectors has the same basic intent as blueprinting a performance motor: to achieve better than factory tolerances that lead to the maximum in engine performance.

Our Fuel injection blueprinting service is a way to increase performance, economy, and drivability by optimising your fuel injection system. Our fuel injection blueprinting service is essential to ensure that your engine runs at its best, no matter your modifications or the driving conditions you’ll be facing.


Unlock your vehicle’s potential

GTurbo helps aspiring adventurers and 4×4 enthusiasts take the first step with our high-performance fuel injection blueprinting.

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Fuel Economy




Up to 200% increase in power

Depending on the vehicle's make and additional modifications, you can typically expect between 100-200% per-cent increase in power with GTurbo’s fuel injection blueprinting service.

Fuel Economy

Up to 15% increase in fuel efficiency

Depending on your vehicle make, year and condition, GTurbo's fuel injection service can measurably improve fuel efficiency, providing you with more economical performance.


Up to 200% increase in torque

If you’re struggling to overtake, towing a heavy caravan, or slow to get up hills, a GTurbo can help increase torque by 50-200 per-cent from a stock turbo and improve your throttle response.


Improve vehicle reliability

To ensure you get the safest drive, the greatest gains possible and the best advice, our staff will endeavor to enquire about your vehicle's current condition and any known modifications from standard.

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  • Best upgrades for your car

    These guys are the most helpful shop in Perth and always willing to have a chat about their turbos and the best upgrades for your car. They have the most well tested turbos and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Highly professional and I'd recommend them to anyone!

    - Rynhardt D
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    • TORQUE


  • Could not be happier

    I purchased a set of brand-new injectors with high-flow nozzles for my Colorado, back in November… could not be happier with the customer service received to get a new one out to me before the Christmas/NY shutdown. Thanks to the team for your efforts, much appreciated, hope to do business again.

    - Jason I
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    • TORQUE


High performance fuel injection blueprinting with GTurbo

Learn what your vehicle is capable of and get the safest performance upgrade custom fit to your needs.

  • Performance Guaranteed

    Performance Guaranteed

    We can guarantee a superior gain in power, torque and fuel economy, all backed by data.

  • Safety & Reliability

    Safety & Reliability

    We replicate extreme testing conditions to ensure you get the most reliable performance upgrade without compromising your vehicle.

  • Max Power

    Maximum Power

    We don’t just build the best turbos, we fine tune every part of the engine to bring you the greatest power output with every upgrade.

  • Expertise & Knowledge

    Expertise & Knowledge

    Speak to an experienced team with over 15 years of innovation & engineering expertise, delivering unrivalled performance.

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Frequently asked questions

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What are blueprinted injectors?

Blueprinted fuel injectors are injectors that have been modified and flow balanced to deliver an even amount of fuel to each cylinder of your engine, under different operating conditions.

What are “high performance” injectors?

High Performance fuel injectors such as our “Pro” range, are injectors that have been designed to improve engine efficiency. They deliver fuel to your engine in a manner that optimises the efficiency of the combustion process and maximises the conversion of chemical energy of your fuel into mechanical work.

In a nutshell; more power, less fuel.

What are the signs of a failing injector?

There are a few signs that your injectors are starting to fail or wear out. They include:

  • Poor fuel economy
  • Rough running
  • Black smoke from your exhaust
  • Starting trouble
  • Your check engine light is on
  • Your engine surges
Is injector coding necessary?

Coding your injectors to your engine computer is an important part of installing new injectors. The coding provides the calibration required to balance the substantial flow differences of each injector, helping to ensure each cylinder receives the correct amount of fuel.

Do you have to code Blueprinted injectors?

Yes, however the code will be the same on all cylinders. The purpose of Blueprinting injectors is to reduce the flow imbalance from one injector to another by optimising the injector flow characteristics, ensuring each cylinder of your engine receives the same amount of fuel. It is a more accurate method with less error and greater dependability than coding.


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