Good work! GTurbo is the best place to find a turbocharger!

Do you want to increase your engine power and efficiency? Tow a boat or caravan? Get up those sand dunes or just be mega cool and have an ultra powerful car?? The answer is YES.

At GTurbo™, we specialise in Diesel engine optimisation and our philosophy is to provide you with a turbocharger that is a specifically engineered performance solution tailored for YOUR unique needs. Let us work with you to take your engine to the next level whilst delivering exceptional performance

Australian owned, engineered & manufactured, our range bolt on to your 4WD to increase performance.

  • Custom designed for superior performance
  • Early boost and torque – outperforming competitors

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Are you looking for detailed information on horsepower, air fuel ratios, torque and more?

Check out our GTurbo dyno results – you won’t be disappointed.

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Do you have a few questions about GTurbo, how we can help you boost your engine power and what solutions there are for your needs?

Check out our FAQ section and or our Facebook Page.

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Ok so you want a turbo but now you need to find the best model for your 4WD.

GTurbo will help you find the best model to suit your engine and performance needs.

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Do you have turbo envy? Check out our GTurbo’s in ACTION!!! Browse turbos in action, find your mates car, check out the car that passed you the other day and enjoy some really cool pics of turbo chargers.

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Find out more about the GTurbo range – read about the Grunter & Grunter Extreme for low down pull and the Bad Boy range for pure excitement and performance. You just can’t beat our Australia engineering!

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