NextGEN High Flow Turbochargers

Improved Power   |   Improved Efficiency   |   Enhanced Towing Ability   |   OEM Reliability

At GTurbo™, we specialise in Diesel engine optimisation. Our philosophy is to provide you with a turbocharger or overall package that is a specifically engineered performance solution tailored for your unique needs. Let us work with you and take your experience to the next level by delivering exceptional engine performance. To find out more check out our why us page.


Here's what our customers have to say

  • "I’m extremely impressed"

    Had my Prado tuned yesterday with stage 2 grunter, front mount intercooler, 3″ exhaust and unichip tuned yesterday. Final result was 115KW at all four wheels and 650NM torque. We were unable to get correct figures as the vehicle wanted to climb up on the rollers. Vehicle is auto and constant 4wd so would have to chew up a bit more power. AFR’s 18:1. I’m extremely happy as it will tow a 1.5 tonne boat up and down hill at a constant 90kmh in 4th gear including Mt Ousley outside of Wollongong which is most impressive.


  • "Couldn't have hoped for a better outcome"

    Turbo fitted today Graeme, tickled the pump enough to drive it so I could go get it registered. Left my mates workshop…road was slightly wet (not raining) 1st gear…2nd gear squeezed on the pedal and she got a bit loose. Boost is coming on as soon as i touch the pedal. I let it labour down to 1000 rpm in 4th gear (25klm) squeezed on the pedal and it came on boost straight away and pulled up to 60kms in seconds. Very happy with results so far, more to come once I do a bit more work. Thanks again for everything.


  • "Don’t know where to start"

    First I don’t work for or connected with GTurbo. That said I was in there shop in December, I am so impressed with there service, genuine interest, and knowledge in there products and industry. I had many questions and Graeme was not rushed in answering , he has a passion about what he does and it shows in his explanation and outcomes. Remap my 200 series what a beautiful out come. 10/10 I will be back for more for the 79 series. Thanks to Graeme and the team


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