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Toyota 200 Series Landcruiser VDTT-G450 Red (Twin Turbo Pair)


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•             G450VDTT Red with its Billet aluminium 2618 Vortex compressor and G45B Turbine provides low end grunt, high torque and power with great reliability

•             Key design improvements set the GTurbo VDJ200 turbo solutions in a class of their own including;

–       GTurbos improved VNT system allowing accurate boost control

–       high performance thrust bearing, 60% stronger

–       gapless turbine seals for improved oil control

–       leading technology aerodynamics in the compressor and turbine design

–       Compressor housing with MAP width enhancing and surge resistant porting

–       Turbine housing upgrade including 5-Axis CNC milled outlet for higher gas flow

•           Design boost is 35psi, and can be operated efficiently via ECU control from 16 – 36psi up to 3200rpm (at <40C turbo intake air temperature, >95kPa turbo intake air pressure)

•           30psi is typically available from 1750rpm if the tune and setup are complimentary.

•           Accurate tuning is essential for reliability, efficiency and performance

•           Free 1 Year Warranty included 

Performance Expectations
Standard the VDJ 200 series produces 640nm of engine torque and 155wkw. With the G450 turbos combined with our custom tune, you can expect around 900nm of engine torque and 230rwkw. Installations with a large intercooler, 3” exhaust and upgraded injectors have yielded results as high as 320rwkw and torque over 1200nm at the crankshaft.

Supporting Modifications
Exhaust upgrade, upgraded Airbox, induction plumbing, high flow injectors. Call us to discuss the best items to upgrade to deliver the best result for your dollar.

– 1 Year Warranty on all products.
– Turbos are to be supplied on an exchange basis. Additional costs are required for tuning and installation.


Toyota 1VD FTTV Design BoostOperating RangeLow Torque (Nm)High Torque (Nm)Low Power (kW)High Power (kW)
Billet Wheel2818-28640900180250
Red Wheel3618-408001200180350

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 54 × 54 × 44 cm
Turbo Type


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Experience the performance of a GTurbo

  • UP TO 150%

    Increase in Power
  • 50%-200%

    Increase in Torque
  • 2%-10%

    Increase in Fuel Economy


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