Looking for a boost in vehicle performance?

Life’s too short to be sitting on the sidelines. Find out how to unlock more power, improve fuel economy, and increase your torque with a diesel dyno tune.

  • Quick & Affordable

  • Vehicle Safety Assessed

  • Performance Guaranteed.

Identify and resolve performance issues

Experiencing a loss in power, burning through fuel, or high exhaust temperatures? These are signs that your vehicle could be in need of a dyno tune.

A dyno tune with GTurbo is a quick & affordable way to identify issues affecting vehicle performance, which are generally caused by aging parts, new modifications or poor tuning.

Using this data, we are able to safely tune your vehicle, while ensuring the engine is performing at optimal levels.


Unlock your vehicle’s potential

GTurbo helps aspiring adventurers and 4×4 enthusiasts get the most out of their vehicles with high performance diesel tuning.

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Fuel Economy





Up to 30% increase in power

Depending on the vehicle make and additional modifications, you can typically expect between 20-30 per cent increase in power from a stock turbo and fuel system with a GTurbo diesel tune.

Fuel Economy

Up to 10% increase in fuel efficiency

Based on your vehicle make and year, diesel dyno tuning with GTurbo can improve fuel efficiency anywhere between 2-10 per cent, providing you with more economical performance.


Up to 30% increase in torque

If you’re struggling to overtake, towing a heavy caravan or slow to get up hills, diesel tuning with GTurbo can help increase torque by 20-30 per cent from a stock turbo.


Improve vehicle reliability

To ensure you get the safest tune possible, our engineers conduct a vehicle safety check, inspecting the entire engine, and reviewing performance data, before making recommendations.


Affordable, Perth Diesel Tuning

The easiest, quickest and most affordable way to upgrade the performance of your 4x4 is to start with a Dyno Power Run that costs $280.

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  • Second to none

    Service and support is second to none. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Been dealing with them for years and never had a bad experience. Keep up the good work guys.

    • POWER


    • TORQUE


  • Second to none

    Service and support is second to none. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Been dealing with them for years and never had a bad experience. Keep up the good work guys.

    • POWER


    • TORQUE


High performance diesel tuning with GTurbo

Learn what your vehicle is capable of and get the safest performance upgrade custom fit to your needs.

  • Performance Guaranteed

    Performance Guaranteed

    With one of Australia’s largest dynos, we can guarantee a superior gain in power, torque and fuel economy, all backed by data.

  • Safety & Reliability

    Safety & Reliability

    We replicate extreme testing conditions to ensure you get the most reliable performance upgrade without compromising your vehicle.

  • Max Power

    Maximum Power

    We don’t just build the best turbos, we fine tune every part of the engine to bring you the greatest power output with every upgrade.

  • Expertise & Knowledge

    Expertise & Knowledge

    Speak to an experienced team with over 14 years of innovation & engineering expertise, delivering unrivalled performance.

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Get the latest in 4x4 news, sales, pro tips and expert advice. Join our growing community of aspiring adventurers and 4x4 enthusiasts from all around the world.


Frequently asked questions

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What is dyno tuning?

A dyno tune is when you make adjustments to your vehicle’s key aspects such as: ignition, fuel level and air supply which directly affects your horsepower and torque. These factors enhance your vehicle’s power, performance, efficiency and even safety.

How does dyno tuning work?

Using a dynamometer (dyno), we make adjustments to the vehicle’s engine horsepower, torque, and the mixture of air and fuel in the engine.

What are the benefits of dyno tuning?

A dyno tune will:

  • Increase maximum power 
  • Improve drivability 
  • Improve fuel economy 
  • Smoothen your ride
How much does a dyno tune cost?

For an accurate estimate of how much your dyno tune will cost, it’s best to take your car to a dyno tuning garage. However, on average your dyno tune will cost about $400 to $700.

How much horsepower does a dyno tune add?

From a stock modification, you can usually expect anywhere between 20%-30% increase in power. When combined with a GTurbo, you can expect improvements between 40%-150%.


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