Enhance your mining vehicles

Improve the fuel efficiency, capacity and reliability of your mining vehicles with a corrosion-resistant GTurbo.

  • 14 Years Industry Experience

  • Safety Compliant

  • Genuine OEM Parts

Performance upgrades for underground conditions

We understand that all vehicles entering mine sites need to meet strict Australian safety standards and regulations. This includes underground environments where vehicles are subjected to hypersaline conditions.

At GTurbo, we provide all mine spec vehicle upgrades with highly durable and reliable corrosion-resistant upgrades, made with OEM genuine parts and stainless steel, to extend the life of your vehicles, improve performance, and reduce risk.

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How can GTurbo improve your mining vehicles?

GTurbo offers a wide range of diesel services and upgrades to help improve vehicle performance, reliability and longevity, while complying with mine spec vehicle requirements.

Located in Balcatta, our qualified team can provide:


  • Turbo rebuilds/reconditioned turbos
  • New genuine turbos
  • Emission-compliant diesel dyno tuning and performance enhancing
  • ECU remapping
  • RPM and torque limiters

Common mine site vehicles we work with

  • VDJ79 Landcruiser
  • GUN Hilux
  • KUN Hilux
  • KDJ Prado
  • GDJ Prado
  • VDJ200 Landcruiser
  • HZJ70/80/105


The simple process to upgrading your mining vehicles


Request A Quote

Get in contact with one of our diesel specialists for a free quote.


Follow Up Call

After you get your quote we will give you a follow-up call with a few questions so we have all the information for your project.


Book Appointment

If you’re happy with the quote we have given you, we will book a date to install the upgrades (local), otherwise all parts will be shipped.



After installation, we’ll provide you a laminated dyno sheet with a full performance and cost breakdown.

Why choose GTurbo for your mining vehicles?

With over 14 years servicing diesel engines, we understand vehicle safety, performance and functionality are important to your business.

  • Emission compliance

    Meet emission compliance

    Improving the performance of your vehicle, we help you stay emission-compliant with Australian legislation and safety standards.

  • Safety & Reliability

    Vehicle reliability

    Balanced 2x more than standard factory turbos, our reconditioned turbos are more reliable, cost-effective and keep your vehicles working for as long as possible.

  • Corrosion Resistant

    Corrosion resistant solutions

    Made from stainless steel, corrosion resistant actuators and upgraded bearings, our diesel turbos and rebuilds are extremely reliable for whatever conditions you put your on-site 
vehicles in.

  • RPM Torque

    RPM & torque limiters

    Extend the lifespan of your mine site vehicles and improve employee safety with RPM and torque limiters.


There is still power to be gained

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