Get extra miles from your factory turbo with a turbo rebuild

Using genuine OEM parts and superior balancing, we revive your underperforming factory turbo with our turbo rebuild service.

  • Affordable

  • Genuine OEM Parts

  • 12 Month warranty

Diesel turbo rebuild service

Starting to notice a drop in power? Has your turbo seen better days? It may be time for a rebuild. Offered as both a service and product, turbo rebuilds are an inexpensive upgrade with a noticeable increase in vehicle performance.

Taking your old turbo, we clean, inspect and replace any worn or broken parts with genuine OEM parts and corrosion resistant components. Turbo rebuilds are a perfect option for those looking to sell their vehicle, or want a little more power for an affordable price.


The rebuilding process we use to enhance your turbo

Understand our turbo repair and rebuilding process so you know exactly what you’re getting.

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Strip & Clean


Replace Parts



Strip & Clean

Strip & Clean

The first step we undergo is a complete strip and clean of your turbo.


Assessment & Quote

When the turbo is disassembled, we will conduct an assessment on what needs to be replaced with OEM parts, and provide you with a quote.

Replace Parts

OEM Part Replacing

While the turbo is disassembled we will give it a comprehensive service and swap-out any of the broken or damaged parts with OEM replacements.


Testing & Turbo Balancing

Once we have rebuilt your turbo we will get to testing and balancing it. We will test the actuator assembly, turbo VNT balance (for VNT turbos only), and the high RPM VSR precision turbine balancing are up to our standards and meet your needs.


Re-fitment of Your Turbo

We then re-fit your turbo into your vehicle. After some more testing and making sure you’re happy with your rebuild, we will handover your vehicle.

  • Second to none

    Service and support is second to none. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Been dealing with them for years and never had a bad experience. Keep up the good work guys.

    • POWER


    • TORQUE


  • Second to none

    Service and support is second to none. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Been dealing with them for years and never had a bad experience. Keep up the good work guys.

    • POWER


    • TORQUE


Diesel turbo rebuilds that are built to last

Getting your turbo rebuilt with a professional guarantees quality and reliability.

  • Warranty

    12 Months Warranty

    For peace of mind, all GTurbo products come with a 12 month factory warranty.

  • RPM Torque

    Genuine OEM Parts

    All reconditioned turbos are made with genuine OEM parts and corrosion resistant components, and undergo stringent testing to ensure lasting quality.

  • Turbo

    Superior Turbo Balancing

    Balanced 2x more than standard factory turbos, our reconditioned turbos are more reliable, cost-effective and keep your vehicles working for as long as possible.

  • Australian Made


    All our turbos are manufactured in-house under strict quality control.

Is a rebuilt turbo worth it?

There are many ways to increase the performance of your vehicle. Speak to a diesel engine specialist for a vehicle specific solution suited to your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

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How much does it cost to rebuild a turbo?

There isn’t a flat cost to rebuilding your turbo, because it depends on what sort of work you need to have done to it, including replacement parts, repair work, and refitment.

Are OEM rebuild kits worth it?

OEM rebuilds are definitely worth it. If the turbo is in a salvageable condition then using OEM parts is a surefire way to guarantee quality.

Can I rebuild my own turbo?

Yes, you can rebuild your own turbo, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Getting your turbo rebuilt by a professional means you’re maximising the power, function and reliability of your vehicle.

What is OEM?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are the most reliable when it comes to turbo rebuilds. They come straight from the manufacturer and have to pass a series of durability tests in order to enter the market. Stay away from dodgy 3rd party products.


There is still power to be gained

Shop Rebuilt Turbos

Shop our range of rebuilt turbos made from genuine OEM parts for cost-effective boost in performance.


ECU Remapping

We engineer and optimise the safest increase in performance for your vehicle, so you can push the limits.


Need something more specific?

Get a GTurbo power package specifically designed for your vehicle & customised to your needs.

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