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PDI LandCruiser 100/105 Series Front Mount Intercooler Mk2 700 series core

  • LandCruiser 100/105 Series Compatible
  • Core size: 685x300x76.

AUD $2,320

Wait for 2 weeks


This Landcruiser 100 / 105 Series with the 1HDFTE engine is still a favourite. We have owned and currently own a few of these. It therefore sits high in our priorities to have these performing and making sure we can make excellent power once setup.

We have revisited the designs and are enhancing the capabilities for those chasing the best that can be achieved. The new Landcruiser 100 / 105 Series Front Mount Mk2 intercooler significantly raises the bar for what can be achieved. Now we have these engines pumping out +300rwkw so we have the intercooler that is the clear choice for such a setup.

  • Will fit with bull-bar and winch as the core is recessed.
  • Intercooler pipes: 2.5” stainless steel with heavy duty silicon joiners. Silicon selection now simplified with no silicon in front of the front panel.
  • High torque stainless steel clamps.
  • Cast alloy inlet adapters where required.

The moulded end tanks with rear facing outlets have enabled a bigger core, then we pushed it back as far as possible to increase the draw through from the engine cooling fan after the sealing of the gaps. With the outlets being rear facing, the stainless steel pipes are connected to the intercooler with straight silicon.


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