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PDI Landcruiser HDJ79 Front Mount Intercooler Kit HDJ78 / HDJ79 / HZJ75 / HZJ79



The PDI Landcruiser HDJ79 Front Mount intercooler kit is the neatest and most effective intercooler kits to suit your 73, 75, 77, 78 or 79 series narrow nose cruiser.

The PDI Landcruiser HDJ79 Front Mount intercooler kit for the 6-cylinder narrow nose 70 series sits directly behind the factory grill for maximum cooling potential and will not interfere with other installed items such as lights or a winch. This is possible with the relocation of air conditioner piping and the drier to the engine bay.

All parts required to mount the intercooler and relocate the intercooler are included in the kit. This includes three flexible hoses and the drier for moving the air conditioner piping from behind the grill.

Long-term testing has shown this to be highly effective for the inlet air temperatures and for the function of the air conditioner itself with no impact on the radiator’s ability to keep the engine cool.

The cores are 600mm x 240mm, which fills the space available at the front. Our front mount kit cooling capability is greater than all other kits we have tested, so the improvements in torque and power will exceed other results. PDI kits use moulded end tanks to get maximum width.

We limit the height to the grill opening and stay away from extending the core down to sit both behind the front panel and/or in front of the horizontal crossmember, which means cooling flow isn’t restricted. Other kits, which don’t get the same unrestricted flow, would expect to see dilution of the chilled air with air that hasn’t been able to be effectively cooled therefore becoming less efficient. Customers and tuners are amazed how well our PDI systems work. Being neat, as per factory finish, adds to the appeal.

Once fitted are zero maintenance setup and still allows access into the engine bay for any maintenance or inspection.

For those with factory turbo engines (1HDFTE standard or converted to 1HDT or 1HDFT), we have 76mm cores. Black cores are available, black piping is not standard.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 95 × 52 × 25 cm


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