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PDI Landcruiser 60 series HJ61 HJ60 Front mount intercooler



The PDI Landcruiser 60 series HJ61 HJ60 Front mount intercooler is designed to fit on both the round headlight and the twin square light model. It sits further back than all other kit and custom installs we have seen, as it has recessed areas in the end tanks for the condenser fittings and piping. It works with the air conditioning system still in place.

The core is 545 x 300 x 65mm.

Pipes are stainless steel and are supplied with a stainless flange onto the intake manifold (for 12HT), which does a 180deg bend to point down and go under the air supply pipe (from air to turbo). On the turbo side, we have a custom stainless pipe to navigate past items and connect to the turbo outlet with a straight silicon joiner.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 95 × 25 × 52 cm


Experience the performance of a GTurbo

  • UP TO 150%

    Increase in Power
  • 50%-200%

    Increase in Torque
  • 2%-10%

    Increase in Fuel Economy


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