Thanks again for the awesome work

Hi Tim and Graeme

Just wanted to send you guys a quick email to say thanks again for the awesome work you have done on my 80 series cruiser. After driving it for a few weeks now I couldn’t be happier! It’s like a whole different vehicle. The performance on and off the road is nothing short of amazing. It’s spent a fair amount of its time on the road, beach and a bit of towing. No matter what situation I put it in you can’t get the smile off my face! Since you guys had it I’ve fitted a full 3 inch stainless system and it seems a little happier again. Economy is noticeably better and it just an effortless vehicle to drive now.

I’ve taken a couple of my mates who own petrol cruisers for a drive and they are simply shocked that a diesel 80 can perform like it does! Again thanks for your outstanding quality of work and ease to deal with. Cheers! I was wondering if you do smallish Gturbo window stickers? I don’t like stickers as such on my windows but I would like to put one of yours in a subtle spot on the rear window if you have any. Happy to recommend your work to anyone! Cheers guys.



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