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Why buy a GTurbo?

GTurbo™ manufactures Australia’s leading performance diesel turbochargers. Our products are designed according to specific performance goals and engineered for each engine to be a bolt-on upgrade. Installing a GTurbo is the first step in solving the performance puzzle, ensuing you are well in your way to reliably (and substantially) enhancing your vehicles: power, economy, and torque.

The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) turbocharger fitted to your engine was designed to suit a very specific engine performance criteria. When you have a requirement for engine performance over and above “factory”, it’s imperative, in order that reliability is maintained, that the original design is modified accordingly. At GTurbo ™, when developing a turbocharger for an application, we firstly determine the OEM design parameters of a targeted engine. We consider not only the turbocharger design, but also the engines structural integrity, cooling system heat rejection capability and fuel system capability. From this baseline we engineer a solution that allows safe engine operation at these higher performance levels. Since for any given vehicle our diverse range of customers have a diverse range of performance goals, GTurbo also has a complimentary range of turbochargers and package solutions to suit everyone.

Expect impressive performance with a GTurbo. Depending on the application and design goals you can expect;

  • Improved transient turbo response
  • Lower turbine drive pressure for increased fuel efficiency
  • Boost and torque earlier in the rpm range than standard
  • Boost maintained through the full rpm range of the motor with minimal drop off at high RPMs;
  • Extra mid-range torque for towing or performance
  • Enhanced power, torque and economy.

Whether you are looking for a performance upgrade of a Landcruiser 60, 80 or 100 series with a factory fitted Toyota CT26 or a modern VNT turbo as found on the Toyota V8 Diesels, Toyota 1KD/2KD (3.0/2.5), 1GD/2GD (2.8/2.4), Nissan Patrol ZD30, Colorado 2.8, Isuzu 4JJ1, Mitsubishi 4M41T/4D56 or Ford Ranger/Mazda BT50 3.2 engines, we have a solution for you. Have a look at our shop to find the performance increases for your specific vehicle or contact us if you have any additional inquiries.

Hear some GTurbo reviews from our clients:

“ …. I couldn’t be happier with my Ute since you installed the grunter set-up on it. When on the first tune it’s perfect for every day driving and when on the second tune it’s perfect for bringing a smile to my face….. I think the economy may be better than before as I only really need 10% throttle most of the time. Everyone that has driven it or been in it since the upgrade is blown away from the results so keep up the good work guys. I’ll be recommending you guys to anyone looking for more power in their diesel.  Reece

“ …Thanks again for the awesome work you have done on my 80 series cruiser. After driving it for a few weeks now, I couldn’t be happier! It’s like a whole different vehicle. The performance on and off the road is nothing short of amazing”. Shane


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