100 series 1HDFTE Cruiser with the Grunter Extreme model

An update on my 100 series 1HDFTE Cruiser with the Grunter Extreme model: Since September I’ve covered 5000k’s towing the van ( 2.5T Coromal) and as I’ve posted earlier this year I continue to be impressed with Graeme’s work.

The Unichip, turbo and free-flowing air inlet pipework, filter & intercooler piping have made such a difference. The cruiser really is another machine since this work!!

The auto transmission jarring on kick-down has gone (the chip was the issue here) and 650Nm at 1800RPM really makes towing easy now. A boost gauge shows how quickly it comes onto full boost of 22-24PSI, no lag here!!
Manifold EGT’s are in the low 400’s C in 4th at 2400RPM & 90KPH, fuel usage unchanged or better. No smoke under load.
EGT’s are in the low 500’sC in 5th at 1800RPM & 90KPH, same good fuel use. I couldn’t tow in 5th before and it certainly wouldn’t accelerate or pull up hills!!! No smoke under load here either. The water temperature increases a bit (5- 10’C) when running up hills is the only point of change in 5th.
Overall, a great job Graeme & Tim, I happy to recommend you to others who wish to upgrade.



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