I couldn’t be happier with my Ute

Hi Graeme

Just wanted to let you guys know that I couldn’t be happier with my Ute since you installed the grunter set-up on it. When on the first tune it’s perfect for every day driving and when on the second tune it’s perfect for bringing a smile to my face. It may be too early to say but I think the economy may be better than before as I only really need 10% throttle most of the time.

Every one that has driven it or been in it since the upgrade are blown away from the results so keep up the good work guys. I’ll be recommending you guys to anyone looking for a bit more power in their diesel.

On a side note I did have the engine light come on yesterday, it may be some random thing or my fault, admittedly just before it came on I did push the engine harder than it should ( I think I redlined the engine taking o from a intersection on a blind corner). I disconnected the batteries and it reset this morning and I did over a 100km today with the first 80 with the tune on 0 then I tested it by driving the remainder in both tunes and everything is ok now. If it comes on again I will let you guys know if that is Ok, if it is something to do with the tune on the 2 set-up then I would rather lose a bit of power by changing it rather than hurt the engine.

Thanks Again,


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