GTurbo Bencubbin 360 WAORRA Results

WAORA Bencubbin 360 2016, Race Update:
We won Class 7!! I understand that this is the first time for a diesel.
A great result and an awesome race, it was a very fast track. The VDJ79 never put a foot wrong, the power with the GTurbo enhancements was prodigious – power everywhere. I discovered that VDJ79s have a 180km/h speed limit – I hit it at least 20 times. Imagine 180km/h in a VDJ79 on a farm firebreak ? Actually the trucks amazing, pulls super hard out of corners, often I shift 3rd to 5th as the midrange is so strong. Power is strong to 4500rpm.
The bad is that our “special” gearbox broke 3rd again. I’ve kind of lost count on how many boxes we’ve broken now but I think that’s 3…. or 4…. We will fit a std box and run an oil cooler next race. See how we go! If that breaks, I have an AB60 ready to go in but it means we move up a class to class 8.
Speaking of which, we are still reasonably competitive even in class 8, so it’s not such a bad thing.


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