GTurbo Badgingarra WAORRA VDJ79!

Hi GTurbo friends ? The Badgingarra WAORC (West Australian Off Road Championship) was great fun for competitors and spectators alike, with a lot of action and great viewing areas.
For GTurbo it was eventful. We started well, winning prologue (despite running into a fence strainer post requiring a 3 point turn to get out… and overdriving the next few corners in a futile attempt to gain back time).
In the first (and only) lap of the race which was completed without issue, we set a cracking lap time only seconds behind the fastest Class 8 (Brad Krepp).
However, the success of the first lap was followed with the second lap producing a broken CV (which due to driver error ended in being bogged to the belly) and a flat tyre (rocks denting rims).
This really set the scene for the rest of the race….. My eldest son rushed up a CV first thing Sunday morning and that lasted 2 laps. This and 2 more flats and the race was over with a DNF on section 3.
On the upside, no broken gearbox. We will report more about that at the end of the next race: Threesprings 330 ???
This is the first year we have been racing and it’s been a learning year for sure. The VDJ79 has been developing nicely with modifications that are directly transferable to road going vehicles. It’s made me extremely respectful of the strength of these trucks. In no way am I taking it easy and yet nothing serious is being damaged. The engine, despite producing more than double standard, gives us no issues in any way; it’s great being able to race and focus on other things.
For Threesprings we are improving the tyres, suspension, steering and brakes. While our brakes were awesome in the past; we have had very poor brakes now for the last three races and on three occasions it’s resulted in some dents and lost time. Enough is enough and that will be sorted.
In addition we are trying to improve performance, so we will see how we go there. We don’t need more power (I keep getting told this), but more is more fun, no one can argue with that surely ?
Also, many thanks to the photos from Kiera Piercy, Jason Galea, Caleb Bradfield, Rhys Bentink and Scott (? Sorry I’ll find out your name and post it)
Till next time ?


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