Have Diesels Unlimited created the worlds most powerful 1HZ?

The Claim

The vehicle we have created provides an impressive 1261Nm and 507hp at wheels with the clutch slipping badly (peak torque is higher than that). That’s approximately 7 x factory power on a 1HZ engine.

Mark from Diesels Unlimited wanted to test the limits of his 4.5L stroker engine thats been running in excess of 200wkW for over 10 months now. The goal was to achieve over 350whp on diesel and 500whp with NOS. It might be of interest that the cylinder head contains the standard camshaft, standard valves, valve seats and no custom porting or valve angle cuts etc. The intercooler is a the off the shelf direct fit front mount from PDI.

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The Process

To do this, a soon to be released G500 VNT turbo (direct bolt on to suit a 70 Series V8) was fitted along with an ADS Injection race injector pump. The G500 had already broken every efficiency benchmark we have seen to date and did not disappoint. 40psi as early as 1800rpm when loaded up and the highest power we’ve ever seen from a 1HZ (or TD42).

Fitting the performance injector pump and raising boost from 35psi to 42psi resulted in an increase from 239.9kW at wheels to 283kW. That’s 380whp from a 1HZ on diesel only. Adding some NOS for good measure and we achieved 507whp.

As you can see, this wasn’t just one or 2 quick runs. We have performed over 150 full power runs on this setup (in various configurations) over the last 10 months and there’s more in it – 550-600whp with some methanol is possible.



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