GTurbo Hilux – Another 1/4 mile Drag Race

D4D 3.0 Hilux 12.52 sec 1/4 mile!! Quickest 4wd D4D Hilux in Oz. No NOS or other fuels etc!
That’s right, last night for a bit of fun I thought we could take the Hilux out again to see what it could do now that I have a massive 3 runs worth of experience under my belt….. With no other changes to car we did a 12.52 and a 12.54 pass. Highest ET we did was 168.5km/h. Also for those wondering, we took it over the scales and its 1.82 tonne with me in it, so fairly light but not as light as it looks. We need to change suspension and a few other things. I think it can do a 12.45 best then we need more power, which is coming. This car is a daily so pop by Gturbo if you would like to take a look


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