414hp GTurbo 1HD-FTE

Bullet proof 1HD-FTE turbo power

With an impressive 1200Nm 414hp at wheels Toyota 4.2 1HD-FTE diesel only.

That’s 325hp at wheels at only 2000rpm. standard tyres we reached  414hp and 398hp with max 35″ tyres.

The best torque we received was 1201Nm at wheels at 1950rpm 44psi (on 35″ tyres).
Best power of 414whp, 3100rpm, @ 18.2:1 AFRs, 42psi . (Note the high run posted has the rpm out by about 15%, so the torque is down by about 15% and shows 15% higher in revs, power is same of course).


  • Std engine (stroker to be fitted this week)
  • GTurbo direct fit Blue wheel BB-RS (Bad Boy – Race Spec).
  • GTurbo high flow injectors
  • Increased plenum volume on intake (not sure of benefit)
  • PDI front mount intercooler
  • 4″ dump, 3.5″ exhaust
  • 3.7:1 diffs
  • NPC 1300Nm clutch

Please note:
The first dyno results were with very little tuning. As the engine heats up significantly the power drops ~ 10kW. Unfortunately the clutch gave up so we can’t do a proper run with a cooler engine now that a fair amount of tuning has been done. We are undecided what to do as Jim plans a 4L85E auto conversion. Plus, and not insignificantly, a “HP Diesel Engine Builds” stroker 1HD-FTE was planned for fittment next weekend. Let’s see what happens.
Nice work and congrats Jim Ingham


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