414hp GTurbo 1HD-FTE!!!

1200Nm 414hp at wheels Toyota 4.2 1HD-FTE ???, diesel only. 325hp at wheels at only 2000rpm! 414hp max std tyres, 398hp max 35″ tyres.
More to come but clutch (1300Nm NPC) has cried enough ? (not their fault). Best torque 1201Nm at wheels at 1950rpm 44psi (on 35″ tyres).
Best power of 414whp, 3100rpm, @ 18.2:1 AFRs, 42psi . (Note the high run posted has the rpm out by about 15%, so the torque is down by about 15% and shows 15% higher in revs, power is same of course).
– std engine (stroker to be fitted this week)
– GTurbo direct fit Blue wheel BB-RS (Bad Boy – Race Spec).
– GTurbo high flow injectors
– increased plenum volume on intake (not sure of benefit)
– PDI front mount intercooler
– 4″ dump, 3.5″ exhaust
– 3.7:1 diffs
– NPC 1300Nm clutch
Please note:
The first dyno results were with very little tuning. As the engine heats up significantly the power drops ~ 10kW. Unfortunately the clutch gave up so we can’t do a proper run with a cooler engine now that a fair amount of tuning has been done. We are undecided what to do as Jim plans a 4L85E auto conversion. Plus, and not insignificantly, a “HP Diesel Engine Builds” stroker 1HD-FTE was planned for fittment next weekend. Let’s see what happens 🙂
Nice work and congrats Jim Ingham ?