GTurbo Hyundai Getz Anyone?

KRAZY, 260whp Hyundai Getz 1.5L Petrol with a GTurbo D4D Hilux Stage 2 VNT turbo ???. Are we serious ??? Yep, only 98whp stock, and ….there’s a lot more to come ?
It’s a 25psi 192.4kW/331Nm at wheels rocket that will embarrass an LSA owner on in gear acceleration despite a very simple, totally “non-optimized tune”. Read more below:
Ok so we do diesel turbos. But, here is a cool project that tests our custom VNT systems in high temp and low lubricant conditions encountered in a high output lean petrol engine.
Caleb has the notoriety (notorious?) of being the first person I hired, so he’s been with GTurbo now for….. I’m not sure but a while.
He has this project with a bone stock 2005 1.5L Getz. It’s a very budget but well thought out setup with a GTurbo S2 turbo, big front mount, 25% larger injectors, a huge Methanol nozzle (one stage only lol) and that’s all! Even clutch is stock. It’s been running at 200whp for a year now; we just never posted it.
As the system for fuel control is very (too) basic, the AFRs are very lean (so the fuel system will be looked at) but surprisingly there’s zero detonation despite 17.5:1 AFRs at peak load. Simply dropping the AFRs to 14 should yield a huge increase in power.
The turbo is a fully adjustable very high performance unit that is safe to push over 35psi. In this application it’s capable to be adjusted to make 25psi by 2800rpm (peak torque) and over 320whp at 6000rpm. That’s a wide power band for a 1.5litre. Once it’s setup properly with programmed vnt control and the fuel system is setup right it will be amazing.
This test has shown us a few things;
– the great EMP/IMP helps with detonation suppression
– methanol is great for detonation suppression
– the head design on the engine must be awesome.
– Hyundai have outdone themselves on engine and driveline strength. It’s a 200hp/liter setup on one of the most budget vehicles out there. Impressive Hyundai ?
Anyway, good on you Caleb for doing a great job.
Watch this space for a genuine 300whp Hoondy – and don’t line your car up against a “dosing” Getz, you might get embarrassed!


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