GTurbo GLux D4D 12.27sec 1/4mile at the drags

12.27 sec 1/4 mile D4D 4×4 Toyota Hilux. Quickest D4D Hilux in Oz just ran a heap quicker. I decided to turn up the wick a bit. Powers up to 330whp+. Goes good ??
For those reading about this Hilux for the first time, the mods are not extravagant and we run a high performance Stage 3/4 VNT direct fit GTurbo, meaning one can bolt on with no mods to YOUR D4D – you can enjoy the response, torque, economy and power benefits of VNT technology in your performance turbo. Contrary to what you might expect, the engine isn’t even close to its limit, there’s a couple of hundred HP left in it yet and we do plan to get them ?. We also do stages 1/2 also for those looking at factory replacement but needing reliability and high towing torque.
No engine mods since last run. We will get cold air induction and better feed to turbo soon and that with sticky tyres and you might see an 11.99!!


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