HP Diesel 1HD-FTE powered GQ Patrol for Mogumber WAORRA

Well here we are all ready for WAORC this weekend at Mogumber 2hrs from Perth. Incredible effort by Mark Murray at HP Diesel in Perth. Should be an awesome event, huge entry list.

1014nm to wheels at 2000rpm, Yep 214kW/284hp at wheels at 2000rpm! The race 1HD-FTE is pumping! ~800nm to wheels between 1500-3000rpm is a massively wide power band. I asked Mark after the last race if he wanted more power or more torque lower in revs with small power sacrifice. He said hands down earlier the torque the better, so we revised the turbo and the graph below tells the story! A few of you asked boost and AFRs, boost min 32psi from 1700-3100rpm. AFRs 17-18:1 start to finish.


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