GTurbo Rod Hatter Memorial Perenjori 360!!!

The Gturbo Diesel Performance Rod Hatter Memorial Perenjori 360 was an awesome way to kick off the year with a win in Class 7 and 9th outright from a starting field of 37.
Your VDJ Landcruiser can go like this too – ask us how ?
At times we were racing is 45+ degree heat and not less than 40. It was very tough for all competitors and the whole race was run between the red and a few mm off it on the temp gauge.
We finally have the car sorted. Engine performance and reliability has never been an issue since our first race in 2015, but keeping everything else together, diffs, CVs, brakes, gearboxes (5) and suspension have all been quite a challenge. Well, we are there now! Gearbox thanks to 360 Gearboxes and Diffs has been floorless. The suspension has been rebuilt and reset by King Australia and is fantastic – look how flat it is over the jump at 130km/h and it lands smooth ?.
We spent a long time getting the power range to be as wide as possible and it was worth it – we are able to pull from 1500rpm and take each gear out to 4600rpm with great power and no smoke. In fact the tuning and setup is now so good our fuel consumption during the race has never been lower.
If I sound excited about all this, I am, the car is so good to drive ???
Photos from Round 1 of the 2017 CAMS, Carnarvon Motel WA WAORC are thanks to Kiera Piercy


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