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PDI LandCruiser 80 Series Front Mount Intercooler



  • Our Landcruiser 80 series Front mount provides maximum intercooler exposure and flow. Large core with 2 1/2″ stainless pipework to and from the intercooler. Does not go through wheel arch and works with factory dual battery boxes.
  • These kits aim to get the best flow and the largest core that can be reasonably fitted. This size core has been shown to support well over 300rwkw on a stroked and modified 1HZ turbo.

Will large spotlights affect the results?

This is a common question, and important question.

  1. We have many owners who regard these as the best unit they have fitted with their ability to provide cool inlet air. That is after trying top mounts and smaller front mounts.
  2. When tuning on the dyno we don’t have a large cooling fan in front so this simulates zero speed, high load situations with the only air being pulled through by the main engine fan.
  3. For most the alternative is an electric thermo fan attached to a top mounted intercooler. They are working to overcome the heat rising from the engine and from the cores close proximity to the hot engine. The insulation in a electric motor is rated to a certain temperature and the best quality units will switch off when they get to 130degC to protect themselves. Instead of assuming them to be at their best when you need them the most, on a hot day under high load, you need to expect to have zero intercooler efficiency.
  4. Front mount exposure compared to the opening in a bonnet scoop is significantly different. The placement is important as airflow over the bonnet into a scoop can be disrupted by bullbars and lights. Also some engine bays are positively pressured due to air hitting the front diff and other components – this means, just like your radiator, the best place to get cool air is at the front of the car.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 95 × 52 × 25 cm

1HZ / 1HD-T Manual, 1HD-T Automatic, 1HZ Manual (small core suited for up to 18psi), 1HD-FT Manual, 1HD-FT Automatic, 1HD-FTE Manual, 1HD-FTE Automatic


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