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Mazda BT50 Front Mount Intercooler 3.2L 2011-2020



The latest update to the PDI intercoolers for the BT50makes easier fit with the updated facelift model through to the last of 3.2L (2022) model. This core is 680 x 260 x 76 with slighter tighter end tank setup. This new design works with our class leading PDI transmission cooler kits, which need to be a serious consideration for any owners of the auto transmission model.

For information on our transmission cooler kit CLICK HERE.

Fully cast end tanks ensures they are the strongest possible and least likely to split along a seam. We have had the air temperature sensor cast into the end tank as well as a oil drain.

All piping is stainless steel and the turbo side piping is rerouted to be significantly shorter and with a single 63mm pipe.

Core is positioned further back at the bottom to allow the fitment of a winch.

The first of the PDI BT50 Front Mount Intercooler designs core is 700x300x76mm and has bigger and high flow cast alloy end tanks. These are still available and are more suited to the first generation before they got a facelift.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 95 × 25 × 52 cm


Experience the performance of a GTurbo

  • UP TO 150%

    Increase in Power
  • 50%-200%

    Increase in Torque
  • 2%-10%

    Increase in Fuel Economy


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