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PDI ISUZU D-MAX MU-X RG Front mount Intercooler Kit 3LT 2012-2016 / 2017-2020



We are sure the PDI Isuzu D-MAX Front mount Intercooler kit is biggest intercooler you could fit up front with full cast alloy end tanks and 63mm outlets.

We have optimised the width of the core for maximum cooling and also to ensure we do not limit the flow through the condenser and radiator by blocking flow with the end tanks.

Core is 680x280x76mm and sits on original factory mounts.

2.5โ€ (63mm) mandrel bent stainless pipes for optimum flow. We choose stainless due to its extreme resistance to rubbing through. The factory setup has upper and lower flexible pipes on both sides to get down to the intercooler outlets. These have been replaced with one stainless pipe on each side and 5-ply flexible silicon. The inlet air pressure sensor is mounted into the fitting on the inlet manifold pipe.

Clamps are all the highest torque rated Breeze units you can buy.

The PDI ISUZU D-MAX Front mount Intercooler kit is winch compatible as it sits behind the factory centre support bracket.

If you also wish to upgrade the transmission cooler we are developing a kit utilising a highly efficient cooler, with single piece zinc plated steel mounting bracket and positioned on the drivers side to prevent heat being place back into the air on the cold side of the intercooler. This will be better for intake temps when the transmission torque converter is working hard. Additionally the oil lines will be on the side (not the bottom) to prevent air locks within the transmission cooler.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 95 × 52 × 25 cm


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