GTurbo VDJ79 Kalgoorlie 400 Off Road Race

Another class win and 4th outright for the GTurbo VDJ79 ? in the WAORRC (West Australian Off Road Racing Championship). Awesome race, we highly recommend the Kalgoorlie 400 to the off road racers next year for sure ???
We did the last 250km with 2wd and the last 150km with no third gear (again ?) but it looks like we have found a company to build a strong box.
Front diff is fine, we shattered the drivers side locking hub (when we took the impact, that was what I thought has happened, but testing between stages seemed to indicate crown wheel). Great outcome ??? Box is already out, being sent to the doctors tomorrow ?
To say the car is awesome would be an understatement, the handling is great and the engine just takes a hammering corner to corner and apart from a puff of smoke on take off, you wouldn’t know it was a diesel (also since we almost pull 5000rpm at times it sounds like a petty V8).
Many thanks to my Navi Jim Ingham who did a sterling job as navi and mechanic. Also nice pics by Kiera Percy – well done to you and all the media crew braving the weather.


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