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Toyota Landcruiser VD-G350 VORTEX RED

  • Gasket Kit Provided

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This specification targets the low to top end power, with power delivery that every big V8 should have including great power in higher RPMs. The G350VD Red Wheel turbo has a higher flow high-efficiency compressor wheel, a 30% larger high flow turbine wheel, upgraded thrust bearings, 30% stronger main shaft, higher flow VNT system and a marine grade stainless vacuum boost controller replacing the aluminized mild steel actuator that is quickly deteriorated by salt that causes premature failures. Its design boost is 28psi and can be operated efficiently to 32psi.

Performance Expectations
Standard the VDJ 70 series produces 430nm of engine torque and 90-120rwkw. With a G350VD Red Wheel turbo combined with our custom programmed electronic control module/chip, you can expect around 850nm of engine torque and 190wkw to 215rwkw. Installations with a large intercooler, 3” exhaust, GTurbo Powerpipe feed pipe, and upgraded injectors have yielded results as high as 260rwkw (typical 240wkW) and torque over 1100nm at the crankshaft. An upgraded clutch is mandatory.

Supporting Modifications
Common supporting modifications include; exhaust upgrade, lift pump, upgraded air filter and induction plumbing, replacement turbo feed pipe (GTurbo Power Pipe), Stage 1 or 2 high flow injectors. Call us to discuss what is the best items to upgrade to deliver you the best result for your dollar.

– 1 Year Warranty on all products.
– Turbos are to be supplied on an exchange basis. Additional costs are required for tuning and installation.


Toyota 1VD-FTV Design BoostOperating RangeLow Torque (Nm)High Torque (Nm)Low Power (kW)High Power (kW)
Stock 155kW/430nm
Silver Wheel2212-25700850180210

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 33 × 27 × 22 cm


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